What is MSW?

MSW stands for Municipal solid waste. The municipal solid waste contains all the waste rejected and disposed from households, hospitals, industries, parks, streets, private and governmental buildings— recyclables (paper, plastic, glass, metals, etc.), toxic substances (paints, pesticides, used batteries, medicines), compostable organic matter (fruit and vegetable peels, food waste) and soiled waste (blood stained cotton, disposable syringes) etc.



MSW: A problem

MSW is an unavoidable end product of rapid industrialization and population explosion in Indian cities. Present trend of urbanization accompanied with increasing per capita incomes and improved lifestyles have led to tremendous increase in MSW generation which in turn expanded the burden of existing waste management system for collection, processing and disposal of MSW in efficient manner. Due to limited dumping land availability, these unmanaged open landfills in form of huge mountains of waste are often seen at frequent distances in such cities, which significantly contribute to environmental degradation as well as health related issues at considerably large scale. There is an ugent need to adopt new methods to manage this problem in a more organised way which is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

Waste to energy: What and Why?

Waste to energy technology is a method to mechanically segregate, treat and process the organicwaste to generate electricity.According to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, there is a potential to recover 3650 MWe of power from MSW waste in 2012 which is likely to increase to 5200MWe in 2017.Projects of over 73.66 MW of grid interactive power and 75.8 MWEq of off-grid/ captive power have been installed in TN, Andra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, West Bengal etc. so far.Moreover, to promote this technology, Governement has offered subsidies, loan provisions and other incentives. WtE is considered to be the most appropriate option to get rid of the unrestrained monster of waste in the cities and as an alternative to sustainably utilise it for
developmental benefit.


Green Brick Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides end to end expertise and consultation for the MSW projects under various heads —

WtE technology evaluation
Policy advisory and assessments.
Environmental hazards and risk assessments.
CDM/REC advisory
Detailed Project Report preparation.
Preparation of Information memorandum/project summary.
Techno-commercial Tender preparation

GBES has extensive experience in WtE projects and have provided professional consulting services to many Municipalities and Project Developers in India. GBES has evaluated technologies across the globe and have enabled technology tie-ups for projects in India. GBES has also assisted developers to secure financial assistance for the projects. GBES has a team of experienced engineers and financial consultants to provide best in class services in WtE.