Biogas Upgradation

Water scrubbing technology for Biogas Purification is patented by IIT Delhi. GBES has partnered with IIT Delhi to develop and commercialize this technology for implementation across India. Water scrubbing is an indigenous technology which is cost effective and consumes very less energy for Biogas Purification. It gives high methane purity and is extremely suitable for small/medium scale biogas purification.

Process Flow

After purification, Biogas contains highconcentrations of Methane (> 92%) with a calorific value of 51,000 KJ/kg. This purified biogas can be used directly as a replacement of LPG or CNG. This gas, if used for electrification, will increase the efficiency of the boiler significantly.

Water scrubbing technology is based on a simple concept that water has high absorptivity towards CO2 and H2S at high pressure. Though simple in concept, it is an engineering challenge to technically implement such concept. GBES, along with IIT Delhi, has pioneered this concept and is the only official partner of IIT Delhi for implementing water scrubbing in India.
Salient Features

- Best suitable for small/medium capacity (
- High Methane Purification (>92%)
- Output Gas best suitable for Energy generation/Cooking
- Cost effective in terms of capital investment and operating costs
- Removes H2S, Moisture and other impurities to below detection levels (< 25 ppm)

Detailed Project Report

GBES develops a comprehensive Detailed Project Report (DPR) for any Biogas generation and purification projects across India and abroad. GBES possesses the relevant technical and financial competencies to create an exhaustive DPR, covering all aspects related to technology, costing, profit/loss statement and projected balance sheets. This DPR helps the client understand the entire project from all aspects and builds the confidence towards project implementation.

DPR covers the following aspects:
1) Finalization of Technology, equipment vendors etc.
2) Project Commercials:
- Raw material, O&M costing, Distribution & other overheads
- Capital Cost (along with detailed quotations)
- Sale/Revenue Projections
- Working Capital Calculations
- Fixed Asset Depreciation
- Statement of Profitability Projections
- Cash Flow Statement
- IRR, Payback period & Breakeven Point Calculations
- Balance Sheet for 10 years
3) Locate and establish a sale market for purified gas
4) Submission of the DPR to relevant ministry for subsidy
5) Assistance in getting Statutory Approvals
6) Follow up in the Ministry for the subsidy

Demonstration Plant at IIT Delhi


GBES assists clients in securing every available govt. subsidy available for the project. The DPR prepared by GBES will also be directly submitted to relevant ministries for subsidy approval. Currently, MNRE supports Biogas generation and purification system under there BGFP scheme with 50% capital subsidy.

Why DPR is necessary?

1) In-depth understanding for clients towards techno-commercial aspects of Project

2) Establishment of revenue model for Purified Biogas sale

3) Streamlining and understanding implementation process pertaining to statutory approvals

4) Simultaneous application to the govt. for relevant subsidy.

5) Cost saving during implementation due to defined project/resource planning

Technology License

GBES is looking for international partners to license the technology for cost effective implementation globally. GBES will provide all technical design and drawing support along with implementation supervision. GBES has already licensed the technology to few international firms and is looking for similar arrangement with other enterprising companies and individuals who want to promote biogas in their respective countries.