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  • Organic waste compounding (OWC)

    GBES Composters are fully automatic Bio-Mechanical Composters. These canconvert organic waste into nitrogen rich compost by reducing its volume by 65-80% of the original.The Composter is Specially Designed for Hotels, Restaurants and Large Canteens to Convert Kitchen waste into highly nutritious soil Manure. Highly Energy efficient and works on Natural Composting Technique. They are easy to install and require minimum maintenance.A skilled labour is required during the installation of the machine.

    Process flow diagram


    1. It is fast in processing:-Compared to the traditional methods of composting organic waste, the machine technology takes fewer hours to complete the processing procedures. The time saved in composting organic waste can be used in other productive ventures, and this implies saving money.
    2. It has no secondary pollution:- The machine technology has no waste water. It is also odourless and it does not exhibit any toxic characteristics.
    3. It is fully automatic:- Since the machine is fully automated, it saves operating manpower. It can be operated by one person, often on a part time basis.
    4. It reduces the need for other environmental waste treatment methods:- The machine technology can compost organic waste without the need for a landfill or incineration or any other compost treatment technique.
    5. It can compost all types of organic waste-: The machine can convert any kind of organic waste into high quality compost manure. Food waste such as vegetables, non-vegetables, eggs, fish, crab, small bones, fruit and vegetable peels, and meals leftover are commonly converted into compost.
    6. It has low operating expense-: The operating expenditure of a composting machine is low because the costs of rent, inventory, insurance, research and development, payroll, and other operating costs are negligible.
    7. It occupies small floor space-: The machine is usually compact, and due to the high efficiency of its mechanical treatment equipment, it tends to use smaller space than the traditional composting method.
    8. It is highly efficient-: With electrical heating and without the use of Modular Solar Dehydration System (MSDS), the machine can convert 50 kgs of organic waste into 5 to 10 kgs of organic manure per day. If the machine is used along with MSDS, it can convert up-to 500 kgs of organic waste into 50 to 100 kgs of organic manure within 10 hours.